If you are interested in fostering or adopting or have any questions please email us at firefighterdogrescue@gmail.com or call us at (416)303-3085 and we will hopefully answer your questions or send you our foster or adoption application. Eventually you'll be able to download the application from this page. Please bear in mind this page is built by an older firefighter with limited computer skills.

As a foster or potential adopter the application is the first step. Next we will do a reference check and if everything is good the last step is a home check. This may seem like a lot but this is what every reputable rescue uses to screen potential fosters or adopters. This process is in the best interests of both you and the dog.

The foster is probably the most important part of any rescue and right now we are in desperate need of foster homes. We can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster homes to place them in. All vetting and food is covered by Firefighter Dog Rescue. You only need provide a nurturing, loving home until a forever home can be found. You may be asked to take the dog to vet appointments and allow potential adopters to meet the dog. I won't lie to you, fostering can be difficult. For days or even months you take a dog into your house and treat it as if it were your own pet. For the time it is with you, you are the most important person in its life and every day it will let you know that. And when the day comes that it leaves to go to its forever home it will feel like you are giving up one of your own pets. I know this because I've experienced this. However there is solace in knowing you've played an important part in saving a dogs life. Every dog fostered s a life saved. Almost 3000 dogs are euthanized every day in North America and if it wasn't for fosters this number would be incredibly higher. However that number is still far too high. You can help lower that number by becoming a foster. You won't regret it.